Chris Seth

About Us

The idea of Phoenix Unlimited Martial Arts started back in 1997 during a conversation with my Kickboxing instructor Curt Doyle.  Curt is the owner of the North American Self Defense Institute who’s acronym is N.A.S.D.I. Accordingly I wanted to come up with a catchy name that would really define who and what I am and define the philosophy that defines our martial arts tradition.  The Phoenix was chosen, because out of the ashes the Phoenix will always rise again, through strife and destruction, I’ve always arisen stronger and wiser.  The Phoenix truly defines me and my students.  Unlimited was added to the name to define the type of martial arts we do.  As the word suggest its Unlimited, if we can get a cool technique from Karate, or a cool set up from Catch Wrestling were going to do it and practice it until it’s refined to a razor sharp perfection.  So became Phoenix Unlimited Martial Arts P.U.M.A.

Born 1980, Freeport, TX not long after that I was brought to Conroe, TX Where I was raised by my grandmother and my mom, north of Houston.  My martial arts career started at the age of 12 at Unified Tae Kwon Do.  I studied under, at the time was, Rick and Terry Westcott, tested under Bui Kwan Park until the age of 15 achieving double black stripe.  I was introduced to Jeet Kune Do Concepts at the age of 14 by Curt Doyle the former USAKBA Middle Weight Kickboxing Champion.  I trained with Curt until the age of 20 receiving my black belt under M.A.C.E. and N.A.S.D.I. before leaving to go to The University of Texas Red McCombs School of Business, where I received my BBA, in Corporate Finance.  During this time I’ve trained with many well known martial artist such as Erik Paulson, Dan Inosanto, and Burton Richards.  I’ve also been fortunate to meet several other title holders Bob Bartlett PKA heavy weight champion 3 times.  Cathy Long 5 time world kickboxing champion and many others. Currently I hold a CSW Pro-Coach Affiliation under Erik Paulson one of the top MMA Coaches in the World.